Strength in Numbers: Support Groups 
Our support group meetings are designed to allow the person with cancer, family, and friends to share concerns, information, and support. All the CSCVVSB’s support groups are facilitated by licensed mental health professionals who are specialized in cancer care. Please attend an Orientation/Welcome Meetings to find more information about our support groups.  

For support group schedule and more information, please go to our Calendar or contact us at or 805-379-4777. 

“It is such a comfort to be with others who truly understand my experience in a way that my loving family and friends cannot. I learn so much from my fellow group members, of both a practical and profound nature. I give and receive support.” 
– Kathy MacDonald, member of a People with Cancer Group

Support Groups for People with Cancer 

  • All Cancer Support Groups 
  • Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer Support Groups 
  • Early Breast Cancer Survivorship Support Group  
  • Advanced Stage Breast Cancer Support Group 
  • Gynecological Cancer Support Group 
  • Prostate Cancer Support Group 
  • Young Adult Support Group 
  • Spanish Language Women with Cancer Support Group 

 Support Groups for Caregivers/Family/Care Persons 

  • Caregivers/Family Support Groups 
  • Bereavement Support Groups 

 Networking Groups for BOTH People with Cancer & Caregivers 

  • Prostate Cancer Networking Group 
  • Blood Cancer Networking Group 
  • Brain Tumor Networking Group 

Kids & Family Support Groups 

  • “Kids’ and Teens’ Circle” Children’s Support Group 
  • Family Dinner & Support Groups – for children with cancer and their families (bilingual program) 

We ask support group participants to complete the following form before using joining a group. 

Support Group Application & Telemental Health Consent
Spanish Consent to Telemental Health: Support Group