A Place to Learn: Educational Programs & Resources

Knowledge helps dispel your fears and anxiety and increase your sense of control, whether you are the one with cancer or the support person. Knowledge helps you make informed decisions, know what questions to ask, and makes you a more effective partner with your health care team. Knowledge enables you to be “patient active” rather than a hopeless, helpless victim. We offer a variety of learning opportunities, some of which are described here; for more information please see the Program Calendar, “Featured Programs this Month.”

  • Educational Workshops

Medical and other healthcare experts present state-of-the-art information on a wide variety of topics related to cancer.

Popular lectures include “Ask the Doctor About Radiation Therapy,” “Creative Ways with Hair Loss,” “Integrative Medicine,” and “Managing Side Effects.” Other topics include stress reduction, improving quality of life, overcoming anxiety, and fighting for recovery.

Having Fun Together: Social Events & Activities

Humor and fun are good for the immune system! We know how to laugh and have fun at the Cancer Support Community. Join us for our monthly Comedy Night, annual Daniel’s Day of Magic, National Cancer Survivor’s Day Family Picnic, and Holiday party. Informal gatherings such as Knotty Knitters, water color class, and journaling class provide an opportunity for you, your family and friends to enjoy camaraderie and friendship in a setting where you can just be yourself with others who understand the cancer experience. Please click on the Program Calendar for specific activities.