“The glow on each person’s face is the goal of yoga.  Not some kind of nirvana, not profound enlightenment, not even heightened awareness.  We find simple contentment in the bliss of anandamya kosha, the most spiritual level of the body that yoga aids in healing.”  Tari Prinster, author “Yoga for Cancer”  Anandamya kosha, the emotional energy level of unbounded peacefulness and contentment.

Tami Lauren is a 200 hr. certified YogaWorks instructor (2011), and a certified LMU Prime of Life Yoga instructor (2016) with additional training specializing in instructing private lessons through Francesca Cervero’s, Science of the Private Lesson (2017).  She began practicing yoga 22 years ago as a means of stretching and focusing before windsurfing and beach volleyball, and to relieve the stress of post-partum depression due to a beautiful baby boy who was too excited to sleep for the first two years of his life!  She teaches groups and private clients primarily out of her home studio. She has three boys, well, men really (15, 19 & 22) 3 Jack Russells, several finches and turtles, and is happily married – going on 29 years!  Tami is a life-time learner and loves sharing her knowledge of yoga with the cancer community, and strives to learn more ways to help people find peace and healing within themselves.