September Workshops

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  • You're invited to learn various journaling techniques with award-winning children's author Barbara Bietz. This interactive workshop will teach you to use your creative energy to express thoughts and feelings on the page. No writing experience necessary!
  • Reiki is an ancient Japanese holistic healing modality. It’s a simple hands on technique that uses “Life Force Energy” to foster natural self-healing. First-degree training is all you’ll need to practice Reiki on yourself and others, including pets. You’ll learn its history, hand placements, how to connect to Reiki energy, use its principles, and become attuned for life to Reiki energy.
    Download Reiki Workshop Flyer

  • Come and receive free instruction on coping with the appearance-related side effects of your treatment. A licensed beauty professional will teach makeup, skin care tips and suggestions for using wigs and headwear. A complimentary make-up kit will be provided.  Download Look Good Feel Better Flyer here.
  • The Alexander Technique is a gentle body awareness technique developed in England over 100 years ago by F.M. Alexander. Workshop leader, Shulamit Sendowski, will demonstrate how to transform physical stress and tension into ease, balance, and coordination. Awareness of tension habits in simple daily movements like sitting, standing, walking & bending will be explored. This is a 2- week workshop, the second week expanding on the first one. *Each session will be limited to 5 people. 
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  • Come to this workshop and find out how survivors' deal with the stress of:
    • follow up check-ups
    • vague symptoms or non-specific diagnoses
    • The “psych up” to wait for results
    • Worry from family, friends and self
    • Getting doctor’s staff to put themselves in the shoes of the survivor o Well-meaning friends not knowing what to say or do
    • Having to appear happy and “ok” when they are stressed about their health
    • The waiting, waiting, waiting.
    Download Lunch & Learn: How to Cope with “The Anxiety of Survival” Flyer Here
  • You're invited to an Open House! Come and learn about Kids' and Teens' Circle, see activity demonstration, and talk to the facilitators and group members. Download Open House Flyer Here
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