About Cancer Support Community

Q: What is the Cancer Support Community?
A: The Cancer Support Community is a not-for-profit organization that provides psychological and social support for people with cancer and their families. Our services include weekly support groups, stress management programs, educational workshops, and social activities.
Q: Who uses the Cancer Support Community?
A: Individuals with cancer who want to improve the quality of their lives and be active partners along with their physicians and healthcare teams. Their friends, support-givers, and loved ones also come to participate in programs specially designed for them. People who have had cancer and have completed medical treatments also attend to maintain their health while focusing on survivorship issues. No physician’s referral is needed.
Q: What does it cost to participate?
A: Absolutely nothing…all programs and services are FREE. The Cancer Support Community is a not-for-profit organization and does not charge for any of its services. Financial support is obtained through tax-deductible contributions from generous individuals, community-minded businesses, charitable foundations, and from special fundraising events.
Q: Can support people come even if the person with cancer doesn’t want to?
A: Of course! We have specific groups solely for family and friends of the person with cancer, where they can share their experiences, learn how to best support the person with cancer, and also take care of themselves. Also, support people are welcome to attend all other parts of the program, such as educational workshops and stress management classes.

About Cancer Support Community Programs

Q: If I don’t want to be in a support group, can I still attend other programs?
A: While support groups can be very helpful for people living with cancer, they are not for everyone. We invite you to attend any programs, workshops, and educational presentations that you find helpful. In most cases, no appointment is necessary, but please refer to our program calendar to see if you need to register for a particular event.
Q: Do participants follow specific programs?
A: Not necessarily…participants decide for themselves which parts of the various programs will help them improve their own well-being. Participants are never asked to participate in any activity that they are not entirely comfortable with. Some may choose to simply visit the Cancer Support Community rather than be alone.
Q: Is there research to support what you do?
A: All the programs at the Cancer Support Community are based on mind/body research which shows that what you think and feel can have an effect on the immune system.
Q: Is the Cancer Support Community program an alternative to medical treatment?
A: No. The program is meant to support the treatment prescribed by a patient’s healthcare team and is not a substitute for conventional medical care. Many physicians refer their patients to the Cancer Support Community as a complement to their medical regimen.
Q: Are medical services available at the Cancer Support Community?
A: No. The Cancer Support Community does not have a medical staff. Individuals seek their own medical treatment as they deem necessary. The Cancer Support Community helps people with cancer and their loved ones by providing a professional program or emotional support, education, and hope. All our support groups are led by trained, licensed psychotherapists.
Q: Where are you located? Do provide your programs only in one location?
A: Our main facility is located in Westlake Village, at 530 Hampshire Road. We also offer various programs in Camarillo, Oxnard (programs in Spanish), and Ventura (programs in Spanish). Please refer to our program calendar for details.

More Information & How You Can Help

Q: How can I find out more about the Cancer Support Community?
A: We invite you to attend an Orientation Meeting at the Cancer Support Community to visit “our home,” meet some of the staff and to learn more about our programs. Held in our Westlake Village facility and in certain other locations, the meetings are led by a cancer survivor and/or family member who has been involved in our program. Please refer to our program calendar for locations, dates, and times. No appointment is necessary and friends and family are welcome to attend.
Q: I really appreciate the work you do. How can I help?
A: Since our programs are free of charge, you can best help us by donating funds or by volunteering your services, so that a bigger share of the donations we receive can be used for participant programs. Here are some ways volunteers help our organization:

  • Answering the telephone
  • Serving as a receptionist
  • Folding and stuffing bulk mailings such as the calendar, invitations, etc.
  • Office duties – data entry, telephoning, etc.
  • Helping with special fundraising events
  • Serving on fundraising committees
  • Community speaking, health fairs, delivering packets to physicians’ offices
  • Grant writing and research
  • Library indexing, etc.
  • Providing landscape maintenance
  • Providing printing and design services

If you could help us in such areas, please fill out the volunteer profile form.

If you’d like to donate funds, please click here.